Meet The Staff

Tim Fedorski, MPTTim Fedorski

Tim Fedorski received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis University in 1996 and became a certified athletic trainer thereafter.  He spent three years as an intern with the Chicago Bears football team.  In 1998, Tim earned a Master’s Degree from Northwestern Physical Therapy School.  He has extensive experience in outpatient physical therapy settings as well as homecare settings.  Tim was chosen to be Director of Rehab at a national homecare agency for two years.  He is also a graduate of the Applied Functional Science program taught by world-renowned physical therapist, Gary Gray.  Tim is married and a father of three.  He also speaks Spanish.

Physical Therapy Aides

Ashley (right) and Sabrina (left) are physcical therpay aides who assist the therapist with patient’s needs.  They are highly trained to assist patients with exercises and setting up modalities such as heat, ice, electical stimulation, and ultrasounds.  Ashley has been a physical therpay aide for 3 and a half years.  Sabrina has worked for Functional Physical Therpay for a 2 and a half years and Both of the aides are currently in school to further their careers in athletic training and physical therapy.

Alex S., Office Manager

Alex is the office manager at Functional Physical Therapy.  Alex started working as an aide 6 years ago and worked her way up to becoming office manager.  Her responsibilities include managing the office/aide staff, assisting with patient care, and managing the scheduling of patients as well as verifying patients’ insurance benefits.  Alex is also in charge of all billing related issues.  She has experience dealing with all different types of insurance companies and is more than happy to help you with anything you need.